Travel: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona USA

During the last week of May 2021, I visited the Grand Canyon and planned on blogging about my experience there. Unfortunately, I got distracted with Hawaii and Germany, which pushed it to the bottom of my list then eventually, I deleted it from my mind. I recently looking through my phone in a failed attempt…

Tales: 31 Days of Horror (2021)

Since 2016 I have been committed to watching a horror movie per day for the whole month of October. This year I am holding true to this statement and watching one horror movie a day until 1st November 2021. This year’s theme is Witches vs. Sleep. I will be watching movies about witches, sleep demons,…

Tales: Streaming During the Time of Corona!

After evading COVID in 2020, I found myself sick with the virus 2021. It started with a slight headache that lasted for 20 minutes one afternoon, then three days after, a more intense headache came with fever and body aches. Strangely enough, the day before I came down with full symptoms, I tested negative, which…

Tales: Flowers at a Palace

My favorite photos are always of flowers and plants for some reason. This was taken at Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Austria. Plants and flowers are the only things in nature that are always photogenic; but never have to stop and pose, fix their face, or change their dress. They are just gorgeous naturally.  

Tales: The End of an Evergreen Summer

It seems so clear, but it really isn’t. This picture was taken while hiking in Heidelberg. A wild strawberry bush in the dead of June. Making way for memories of a confusing summer, but ultimately letting us know that winter is coming. Are you ready?

Travel: Day Trip to Salzburg Austria

My trip to Austria started with a 30-minute drive to Kaiserslautern, Germany, followed by a midnight 6-hour bus ride and early morning entrance into the 4th largest city in Austria. Like Colon Germany, Salzburg, Austria was built on the settlement of an old Roman town called Iuvavum. Based on my experience in Colon; I was…

Travel: Fun in Heidelberg

During my first month visiting Germany, I saw the town of Heidelberg near the Neckar River in southwest Germany. The highlights of this town are the historical areas such as the Heidelberg Palace, the Old Bridge, and Heidelberg Zoo. Heidelberg is also home to many universities and a romantic cityscape with narrow roads and thousands…

Travel for Food: Mannheim Germany

I have been away for almost a month, but even a travel food blogger has to take a break. Rejuvenized, I’m back and ready to review my most recent ventures in the city of Mannheim. While visiting Mannheim, I went on an eating adventure. As I foraged through the food landscape, I hit some incredible…

Travel: Exploring Hawaii

This is the last blog about Hawaii until my next trip back there. In this post, I want to touch on some of the memorable places I visited, starting with the Byoda-In Temple. The Byoda-In Temple was breathtaking and peaceful. The grounds of the temple are well-kept and reminded me of a fairytale. Then I…

Travel for Food: Hawaiian Style 

I was lucky enough to spend a few days visiting a friend who now resides in Lanikai Hawaii. Through her, I was able to eat at a few spots she often raved about. First on the list was Over Easy, a renewed breakfast and brunch restaurant, followed by my first experience with Hawaiian shaved ice….

Travel: My island Bequia

My motto is “just chill,” and Bequia is a just “chill island”, with plenty of warmth, color, and hospitality. The people are pleasant, and the food is awesome, I dear anyone to visit my Bequia.

Tales: Free Tales & Travel Journal

I recently discovered the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and decided to publish a series of low-content books. I created a tales and travel journal and wanted to give them away to other bloggers.